Karen Burrows

Trusted Advisor: Mentor: Activator  

Are you ready to exponentially increase your light bulb moments? Is there a persistent and insistent plea from your heart, your soul: the hearts and souls of your clients, for a deeper more aligned approach to the business of life. No more ‘hand me downs’ or transplants from another mindset, a different soul.


Do you  aspire to define your own kind of leadership? 

My adamant belief is that Millennials are the bright beacons of the future. They, YOU! have qualities and energies that earlier generations still struggle to claim.

This is why I founded Masterful Millennial.

This is why I am committed to changing your trajectory. Combining the wisdom of the past with the science and thinking of today.

Aristotle: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  


Socrates: “To move the world we must first move ourselves.”


 I not only ‘dare to do it differently’; I’m actually in love with ‘doing it differently’. Illuminating your unique wisdom.

 It’s about harnessing the power of not one brain, but three intelligences. My wisdom and learning is gleaned from over 30 years of experience and in depth study, My path has designed me to mentor, to guide you along yours, I must follow my path as you must follow yours and in doing it together, interconnected by a desire to improve, to design, to flow, moves the needle dramatically.

If this resonates please .....

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“I want to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

― Aldous Huxley

The people I work with.... 

Are go-getter millennials who 

Work hard to transform the lives of their clients knowing their success determines their client's success
Want to feel confident in their value & so charge accordingly for their services
Consistently fill their days with tons of personal development but have a tough time siphoning down 
Have a healthy client base and want to grow & expand by having a clear differentiation in the marketplace 
Worry that sometimes a client's inner turmoil can interfere with their effectiveness as a coach or entrepreneur

Understand that it's the focus on mindset and the inner game that really up-levels the lives of their clients & themselves

“Karen, has a magnetic energy and colorful hair to match. Within less than an hour of talking with Karen she was able to nail a huge part of my personality. Something that I have always known however, I didn’t know how to express it or put it into words. She’s a wonderful listener and she could explain in great depth pieces of myself that we uncovered through talking. In my opinion, her past experiences have lead her to her perfect path, helping others discover ways to their own paths. I look forward to more conversations with Karen and to have her help within my journey.” - NB

“Karen has a knack for ‘turning the light on’ and illuminating what I already know deep down, but am usually unwilling to address within myself until she activates it! Her customized program has guided me to a more intimate knowing of myself and she is truly an expert in emotional intelligence and personal development. Our interactions have always left me with ‘lightbulb moments’ and I can’t wait to learn more on this journey!” - MC