Dare to do it differently. 

According to some I'm a 'Sage' and a 'Mavern', an "Explorer' and an "Alchemist". To others I'm an 'illuminator'. 

Joseph Campbell said “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are


I believe this is where you are most powerful, most influential, and most energized.

 It’s where the magic happens!


Early in my life living in London I would find this place intermittently. I would find it unexpectedly and only rarely deliberately. 

At such times with 3 weeks notice and in the company of 3 strangers I travelled by jeep south from England across the Sahara and continental Africa.

Earlier I explored USA for the first time [ I have since done it 3 times more comfortably!] by Greyhound Bus alone, and connecting with strangers I was ‘handed off’ to on the way. I even took a side trip to Guadalajara Mexico using their local bus system! - 3rd class I later discovered.

I bought my first home at 22 near London and rented it out taking a live-in job in a pub when I decided to return to my interrupted studies and complete my first degree.


Later I was able to be more intentional in my choices …

As a wife and mother I lived on 3 continents - All 4 compass directions of London, East and West Coast USA, Melbourne Australia. Despite being a city gal I still loved my time on a 50 acre property with horses, geese a pond and 2 huge barns.

I have had 4 different businesses, including one brick and mortar, and worked in fields as diverse as education, manufacturing, retail and customer service amongst others.

I have been unemployed, sat on Boards, founded organizations, and returned to school for more learning. 

My learning is still on-going and continues to invigorate and energize me. As indeed do my 'explorations'.


Yes I am qualified, I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Social Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Education as well several certifications in Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Developmental Coaching and Best Fit Types. More importantly I’m an experienced, compassionate and strategic human being forever fascinated by the wonder of it all!


Carl Jung said “The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being”


This I shall never tire of doing.


I relish conversation, listening and sharing my 30+ years of wisdom and expertise with you! Especially, though not exclusively, if you have an inclination to "leave a legacy" in this world.


Millennials you are my legacy! ….. Gen Z and beyond as you have children, will be yours … there are great gifts to bestow. Let’s get started.

I am reaching out to the curious, the outliers, the courageous. The leaders in their world and The World.


Life today is complex, unpredictable and uncertain, a VUCA World. We ask ourselves to resolve  issues and make decisions before we have even had time to process! An auto pilot response is rarely satisfactory let alone optimal. When we don't have our own unique quick and easy 'go to guide'’ (not another person's 5 or 7 step program), how can we feel certainty and confidence? Nature is bountiful ... If we too are going to feel bountiful and thrive then we need to do things differently. A Trusted Advisor can help to shorten this learning curve.


Our individuality is rarely recognized and even then often not respected or acknowledged.

Do you think of yourself as a high functioning individual? A robust strong personality? Our inborn individual preferences are often either reinforced or challenged throughout our lives. Our specific circumstance, environments and culture all play their part and continue to exert their influence. Our usual ways of behaving, of making decisions is part nature part nurture.  But how do you separate this, find your way in a timely manner? How do you reduce the stress while shortening the learning curve?

Honing personal skill sets and investing in yourself will manifest in the ongoing freedom to make informed choices, to have less doubt, greater clarity & confidence, renewed energy, the power to truly manage life on your terms. It’s time to lead with heart!


 I do an extraordinary job of sharing my wisdom because  I want my clients to be able to harness the power and potential of their personal transitions for accelerated growth & development in relationships & life. I seek to share my wisdom and knowledge with those that share my vision & values and I share information and knowledge that is both inspiring and useful. 

Nothing is set in stone and I don’t believe in rigid rules and structure! Constriction is a disservice to those I advise as well as to the unique service I offer each of my clients. My clients are autonomous and do not do well when constrained in a system, process, or curriculum. They seek to step into a higher level of control and responsibility for themselves and their lives. They want to experience life DIFFERENTLY!

If you’re ready to make a major investment in yourself that will require a commitment of funds, time, energy, vulnerability and consistency- LET’S WORK TOGETHER!