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Is Yoda your style of choice or something a little different?

Many of our ‘super heroes’ struggle to truly engage their powers until they connect with a ‘tandem power’ that then enables them to hit high gear. This then is often accompanied with flaming lights, or electrifying ‘sizzle’ and accompanying ‘static.

This is not done alone, but with the help of a mentor or master. The hero/heroine has often been handpicked and seen as having the potential of even more power than the master who is now ‘passing the baton’ so to speak.

I was delighted and engaged by this analysis and much more in a great presentation by Judah Pollack late last year.

It was brought sharply back to mind this past week as I have been delighted and gratified to be able to watch a master at work, Kelly Ruta of Limitless Entrepreneurs.

Her area of expertise is deep mindset work for successful women business owners. The specific topics and subject matter are very congruent with my own. And we are both deeply distressed by the superficial nature and lack of expertise and training that prevails in many instances on this topic on the internet.

So there is much that we share. Yet I noted stark differences. Interesting differences. Especially obvious if we refer back to the movie example at the start of this post.

An essential part of the connection between the master and the student in the case of Yoda is the ‘handpicked’ assertion, it is a ‘passing of the baton’. This is an intimate 1:1 relationship it involves mentorship, principles and also specific highly tuned individual guidance. This is not for everyone, and not everyone seeks it. Another similar example might be Mufasa father to Simba in The Lion King and how he educates and shares his wisdom with his son for his future success. There is a quieter, less insistent quality to their exchanges. It is a sharing of experience with deep knowing.

There is an equally essential, bigger picture, grander vision for attaining this mentorship, this training in and for life. It is here that I see the contrast in energy and style of Kelly. There is more of an out spoken leadership style, with a team approach, still fully supportive and still focused on participants reaching a deep level of learning and personal change. It is easily identifiable as bolder, all the while remaining compassionate and caring.

I am not an expert in fictional characters or movies but as I started the analogies I will continue if a little clumsily!

I see this style as strong leadership perhaps glimpsed in a steadfast Captain Kirk, in command, leading the Starship Enterprise whilst being open to learning and acquiring new skills.

Or Gandalf the Grey an inspiring leader known to allow his followers to pursue their own growth and find their best version of themselves. He was a leader who believed when others would not, and looked for ‘community’ and unity.

Perhaps I should also mention that I do recognize another even bolder more ‘follow me’ type master perhaps exemplified in extreme by King Leonidas and the last stand of the vastly outnumbered “Spartans”. In todays world this could be the high profile gurus such as Tony Robbins or Wayne Dwyer who speak to vast audiences and create ardent followers. Although I would argue their work is more about raising an awareness and much less focused on deep individual advancement or growth.

So why do I make these distinctions?

Why is it of importance?

Because I believe that we increase the potential for achieving our optimum experience and greatest benefits when we match ourselves with the correct mentor or teacher, guide or leader.

Today many service providers, coaches and consultants offer personal conversations to look for such matches for their programs. Certainly those of you seeking the support and help need to be equally discerning. It is often a sizable investment in terms of time and resources so taking a little longer to make sure you are well matched is well worth it as it ensures a fun and meaningful connection.

  • The most obvious is to ascertain that the level of expertise that is being offered is what you are looking for and stands up to scrutiny. Do your due diligence.

  • A less obvious and harder to discern element is that of ‘developmental level’. This might be gleaned from a conversation and a sense that the person is able to meet you at your level of ‘perception’ that you do not appear to be able to stand back and observe more easily than the other. That the back and forth in the conversation is on a similar footing.

  • The third harks back to the energies I described in this post. Are you person with “big energy”, expansive energy, do you meet high energy head on, and are then encouraged to bring more yourself. Or are you seeking the more intimate and individual guidance that has the energy of ‘elder wisdom’. This is not related to the scale or energy you yourself are seeking to bring as a leader but rather how you want to receive that “handing on of the baton.”

To all my Yoda fans out there Lets Talk!

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