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It's Really Quite Impressive .....

Just how many younger people are already seeing light at the end of our current ‘tunnel’.

The “crisis” had been acknowledged within the States for less than a few days yet my in-box was already filling with every manner of advice, comfort, links, articles, resources, business pivots and much more besides. And the onslaught has continued unabated and gaining in strength ever since.

I am not going to add to this abundance, or information overwhelm. It is an incredible example of the power we now have at our finger tips. Of the amazing ingenuity and creativity of mostly younger people and in many cases of the genuine outpouring of care and concern. For those it resonates with I feel grateful that you have somewhere to “go”. For those already in pivot mode with their business and their life I applaud your courage and your foresight. And for those professionals looking to contain the virus’s effects and to protect and heal the vulnerable I am awed by your caring and your dedication.

So what can I contribute?

Well I love images because often they speak louder than words and the viewer is free to take what ever meaning makes sense to them.

I did not want to leave the present time ‘unmarked’ and was looking for a way to post something that I could feel spoke to the future, while not ignoring the present reality. That is relevant to those who might find their way here not only at this particular time, but in the future too.

The images I came upon spoke to me more for what they might add to the conversation than for the originality of the photo itself.…

This one, a bird’s eye view of one of those roads as it twists its way through the mountains. It felt like the first wave of

e-mails I read. Flexing and working with the changed 'topography of the land' as they saw it. Pivoting around each critical point

Yet there is more here.

Besides a metaphor for the turns we take in life as we ascend to a new level, and yet all the while rising above the clouds for a clearer view, we might pause for reflection or consolidation after the concentrated effort of our journey.

Notice too how often we are traveling parallel and yet ascending to a higher plane. We are traveling what seems like the same road and yet somehow different, we are making progress.

The third image is the rise of a new dawn. It is particularly evocative for me as although it could be a number of places in the World I see Africa, a place close to my heart. It too is taken from a higher vantage point, something I have learned about myself is that psychologically I do much better with a longer view to the horizon. Dells and low lands actually affect my well- being and emotional frequency. I say this not only as a glimpse into me personally but also as a prompt for you.

Think about and reflect on what the image brings forth in you not just as an aesthetic exercise but as a learning about yourself.

It can be a non confrontational relaxing way to understand parts of ourselves that resonate best without words, at least initially, until we progress to explaining it to ourselves and to others.

So apart from the more obvious image associations is there a question I want to ask? an exploration to engage in? a learning to be had? And I decided it goes back to thoughts on the inherent value of deep work on ourselves.

Who will you need to be, in order to thrive and succeed, when you come to address the new reality that will greet us?

and if by chance populations do not grasp this opportunity to grow and advance that this ‘crisis’ has bestowed ....

Will you be part of the advance guard ushering the talk of a better world?

or will you fall back looking to recreate what was there previously?

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