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💥💥Unhealthy Comparisons

Humans tend to compare themselves to others. People of all ages are equally prone to constantly comparing themselves to others.

❣️Mental health experts directly attribute much of modern young adults' malaise to consequences of social comparison.

❣️Comparison puts focus on the wrong person, how often do you feel ‘less than’ or ‘dissatisfied’ after scrolling through Instagram or other social media?

Zen habits has some useful advice:

❣️Awareness. Most often we do these social comparisons without realizing we're doing it. ... so Stop Yourself!

❣️Count Your Blessings … shift focus from what you don’t have, to what you do have.

❣️Focus on your strengths. ... if you must compare compare only with yourself. How are You using Your strengths for good in the world?

❣️Be OK with imperfection. ... flaws, quirks, and imperfections, accept them fully. Free yourself embrace that you’re perfectly imperfect.

❣️Don't knock others down. ... celebrate with them, expand their joy, enthusiasm is infectious.

❣️Focus on the journey. ...come to peace with it, make decisions that will move you in the direction you WANT to go not in the direction of the ‘shoulds’ that are in your head.

❣️Learn to love “enough”. Tell a new story. Work to feel brave enough. Powerful enough. Talented enough. Loved enough. Supported enough.

So much truth to the words …

💫✨“Comparison is the thief of joy”💫✨

💫✨Uniquely You💫✨

❣️These are both beautiful, magnificent examples of nature’s perfection - the delicate soft as velvet pussy willow branch and the elegant dark purple single bud. 🙌

❣️Aesthetically we may have a preference for one or another but our personal preference plays no part in their value or their beauty.

❣️We see them as different, appreciating their uniqueness as well as their similarities.

🌟So this post is just one of appreciation …. not of education, nor of admonition or perturbation …. sometimes it’s just time to take a breath call a respite and wonder at the magic. Today is one of those times 💖

‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.

It just blooms"........ Zen Shin

🔥The Competitive Spirit🔥

We often feel invigorated and energized when we do our best and work hard. Sometimes we can use our own healthy competitive spirit to help sustain this effort.

⭐️But not everyone has the same degree of inbuilt competitiveness, which is where taunts become judgements, and perhaps even so feelings of competitiveness may not necessarily be consistent in all areas of life.

✨For some competition with themselves is far more rewarding than competing with others

⭐️The trick is to know yourself so you can act in alignment and feel good no matter what your inner motivation.

Equally important is to remember that ✨life itself ✨is not a competition, for in the competing you may miss the fun and value of the journey.

Nor is ✨life itself✨a race as the ultimate finish line for us all is hardly one we want to rush towards!

🌈Take time to enjoy the ride.🌈

⭐️Showing up to compete can yield success, but challenging yourself in other healthy ways while feeling empowered can yield joy and happiness too.

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