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Part 2: A Sunflower Series

Ask yourself: "What am I ‘hungry’ to do more of?"

Last time we looked at the non-verbal “essence” or vibes we all project whether intended or not. This time we are going to be checking out our “design” to use Jeffrey Van Dyk’s term.

We all have predispositions that we are born with. Buckingham calls these inborn talents, things we are designed to do. However they will only become strengths once we practice and hone them. Someone may be physically gifted athletically, yet only become great at a sport over time, and with a lot of effort.

So think about your own inborn talents, the things you feel “hungry” for - maybe even take Buckingham’s assessment if you haven’t already. What do you find naturally easy to do that you can get in the flow with, that you enjoy and rarely tire of doing? Sometimes we are unaware of our own gifts as we do them without thinking not realizing that others find such activities difficult and troublesome.

What is your inborn “design” your subsoil where the possibilities for splendor abide? Do some journaling, have a conversation, look back over your life and see what you can learn. Specificity is invaluable. It focuses your attention on your exact design it highlights your individuality. So get down to the details, avoid generalizations or overarching descriptions.

Want to do more? Look at how much you nurture these talents rather than working to improve your weaknesses. Our culture tends to emphasize ‘what we need to work on’ or ‘areas for improvement’. Well your greatest ROI is in your zone of genius so make sure you know exactly what that is.

Heading to level three in tomorrow's post- have fun in the meantime!

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