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Part 3: Let's Look at the Topsoil

Which hat do you want to lay claim to?

How are you doing? Still following along? Waiting for the reveal? Rhat flower in all its full glory! Remember though, this is not a scientific assessment, it’s about self inquiry and personal reflection, so tackle it however feels natural to you.

We are now at the topsoil in my original analogy where much of the juicy goodness is rising to the surface. In Jeffrey Van Dyk’s model he uses the word “calling”. For the purpose of this exercise it is what stirs your being and what you get passionate about.

Think of conversations where suddenly you were compelled to ‘get on your soapbox’. What issues in society or on the world stage are you emotional about? Perhaps it’s closer to home or what gets you fired up.

Ready to jump in and take action? This isn’t necessarily about finding one passion, though for some it maybe, in the context I’m framing it it’s about understanding yourself better. It’s about self knowledge and self management, it’s about designing your best life possible.... AND letting others in your world know about it. Feeling chill in that hat yet?

Not there? Are you questioning is this really me? Feeling a bit confused, too many trees in your woods? No worries, life is a process as they say not a race. Begin that process, start noticing how you react and about what. Jot it down on your phone or send yourself a text message. Look for the patterns and the repetitions. It may take multiple iterations but persist and with perseverance, and perhaps a little help, you will get there.

Almost there! My next blog will be the final in this story of 4.

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