• Karen

Part 4: The Big Reveal

Really, a dandelion?!

Celebrate! we are now looking at that wondrous flower which is very likely nothing like a

sunflower, less dramatic for sure but not without it’s own magic! and still nurtured by what’s

beneath the surface. The better the nutrients and it’s situation the more it will thrive. Jeffrey Van Dyk is using this in a marketing model so his stage 4 is named Business Model. I’m going to play with that a bit as I’m using this in terms of your own personal development.

So level 4: how are you going to pull this together? What will you “look like“ as the person with this vibe, utilizing your specific strengths and talents, focused on the individual areas and topics that rock your boat?

Can you visualize how much more focused you will be? How you will be able to use a much greater laser vision, knowing it’s okay to ignore or minimize specific things that others ‘wear’ with pride. You will have clues as to what areas you need help, and that getting this is not a lack in you, rather the exact opposite, it will leap frog your trajectory and your productivity. Your decisions and choices will be less painful, flow a little easier. And even when you are forced, through circumstances, to put aside parts of your unique design, you will know what to disengage from so that you can return to center as soon as life allows!

This is a tool and resource for you to keep in your toolbox. It will always serve you well and I like to revisit and review my box of tricks because that way I can incorporate new information and adjust for my development and growth! After all, trees are trimmed/pruned and flowers repotted/transplanted. Without a gardener's attention, any one of these ‘levels’ could fail and seriously affect the beauty of what’s growing in your world.

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