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Silver Linings

I thought I was going to a Physical Therapy Appointment. What I got was an awesome example of possibility and agility, thriving in a time of confusion and instability …………. whilst still doing good, being compassionate, being kind.

Is this then the ‘normal’ for some people?

Yes it is! Particularly for those with a highly developed expertise in seeing what’s needed in the moment, reading the non verbal signs and cues to address a resolution to a problem and that helps them respond proactively and positively to a crisis?

Often leaving many of us standing in amazement with our mouths agape!!

Oh and by the way, in case you are curious, I did receive my needed treatments and adjustments all the while being exposed to such foresight and initiative.

My pattern is to see possibility and to run it through my brains ‘analysis’ for optimum results …. altogether a slower process!

So back to my 'makes my heart sing' experience ......

My therapist, the owner of a small clinic had already organized her two support staff - PT Assistant and Receptionist - to help the elderly with understanding technology, to design zoom meetings to explain exercises, to suggest work arounds and to set up tele- medicine personalized options for others.

This was in addition to the quite separate required changes in cleaning and running the practice, procedures demanded by the health situation. And all the while still continuing her skills of treating patients with her usual enthusiasm and patience.

The owner had been in the middle of a business expansion opportunity when the shutdowns occurred, and so pivoted this to respond to the current circumstances. This resulted in her expanding her practice by an additional highly gifted therapist, acquiring new patients in the process. Her philosophy when I asked about her limited space and others fears about a failing economy;....... who knows what the situation will bring, and I am sure we will be able to make it work, and this was too good a person and an opportunity to miss.

Ingenuity and pivots can be an everyday occurrence for some types. In times of fast change, flux and sometimes even chaos they are awesome to have near-by. So for the rest of us of us we can either partner with them, hire them, go along for the ride, and be dazzled by their brilliance…. and take guidance from them,

but what we cannot do is BE THEM........ However what we can be is ..... BE OURSELVES

The idea that we are in some way flawed or inept when others take actions we'd love to emulate but can't is perpetuated often by social media and the well meaning but misinformed who seek to sell you on their solution. This is a particular 'hobby horse' of mine and harks back to an earlier article I wrote - which I think will be useful to repost here, so watch for this in a few days,- on the false assumption often touted in the market place that simple techniques are all that you need to change habits and behaviors "and become the success you've always dreamed about".

Are you still with me after that unplanned time out for that mini personal rant? Great, then let's return to the uplifting experience of my day ...

It certainly was an hour well spent and entirely unexpected. Aren't they usually the best? Apart from my regular improved sense of well-being, and more fluid movement, what else did I walk away with which became my inspiration for this post.?

  • Faith restored in the resilience and agility of people in all walks of life.

  • The understanding that our own unique version of 'rebound, or bounce back' or seeing possibilities and taking opportunities may be different and is such an essential part of responding and acknowledging the gifts of others.

  • Simply a more optimistic outlook and a boost to my spirits.

  • An appreciation for the wonder and magic within us all.

and to be corny “every cloud, even a big dark thunder cloud has a silver lining."

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