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Your Essence: A Series of Sunflowers

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

What, now I’m a sunflower? Well, not exactly!

Let me explain. Recently I was reviewing some notes and I came across a great reminder from one of my mentors Jeffrey Van Dyk. He uses this model in his work Tribal Marketing and as usual I can’t help but apply useful tools to other areas of life. After all why reinvent the wheel? Visually his idea can be represented as 4 layers. So as I’m a flower freak, how about we say the visible top layer is what’s growing above ground [in this case the sunflower]! Beneath THAT is the top soil mixed with fertilizer, etc. Below THAT the subsoil supplying nutrients. The last layer is the water table supplying moisture needed for a growing environment.

So lets apply this to you as a way to get clarity and perspective on stuff that is hidden or unacknowledged. The deepest layer is your “essence." This is your aura that people pick up on or the "vibe" you become aware of when someone walks into a room or the sense you have about the person walking behind you. Often we will react to this even before someone has spoken to, or interacted with us. It is basically non verbal and unintentional.

What is your “essence”? You are probably more easily aware of other people's - family, friends, associates, but have you thought about your own? Ask some trusted friends and colleagues what vibe you project. Ask them to be honest with no BS or flattery! Perhaps you come across as more welcoming than you realized, or less approachable; distant or friendly; knowledgeable or ditzy.

Do a little research and remember this is a vibe not deliberate behavior. Seeing ourselves through the eyes of another is never a bad thing. Go ahead and take the risk- see if you can come up with 4 or 5 intrinsic qualities.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post- we're rising up to level 2!

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