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Millennials Making a Difference:

Has frustration, comparison envy, even resentment or anger and disappointment begun to show up unexpectedly and incongruously  in your life? .... If so, it's time to chat!

The Illuminator Program offers 3 levels of differing lengths and intensity to suit. Each offers weekly 90 minute calls,   personal email support , and text availability. 

I am your 1:1 trusted resource as you navigate your professional and personal life. 

Our goal: to accelerate your life's trajectory with ease and confidence.

Think of me as your expert outside counsel 

My clients are confident and determined.They understand and seek out experienced support.

 When you have my individualized attention on you AND your clients, team or family and friends you can uplevel your relationships, your leadership, your possibilities.

Are you a change maker who is ready to invest in yourself? Then Game On! 


You’ll take on actionable life long resources that make sense for you. We’ll dive into your personalized vision, strategy and tactics for self management and effective leadership in a fun, expedient and worthwhile way.

What is our Differentiator?

This work necessitates intergenerational co-creation, even the wisest peer cannot magic years of experience that they have yet to live!

millennial style

"I am so thankful for Karen! I really appreciate how she always encourages me and stretches me to challenge myself- to push myself to the next stage beyond my initial defenses and to turn it into my gift.  Working with Karen has been such a blessing and she has helped me more than I can express. She gave me the option of crafting a new life for myself and helped foster my love for personal development. I am honored to call her my mentor and friend." - DS

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Temporarily this service has been suspended due to pandemic restrictions


The Millennial Must Haves Meetup is a dynamic and fun event! If you are a masterpiece and a work in progress both at the same time then this works for you. It includes exciting hands-on activities and tangible tools & takeaways. The meetup provides growth and development for the change makers in this world!  I hold these events at local cafes & coffee shops in the San Diego area. We keep the vibe social & playful. Contact Karen for details about the next Workshop in San Diego!